The Company started as a business enterprise on 2nd January 1991 as a Bydgoszcz branch office of the Warsaw-based Research and Development Centre for Bakery Products.

Based on this branch office, an employee-owned joint-stock company was founded in September 1996 adapting the present Company name and it has been operating in the market since 2nd January 1997.

At the beginning of its existence, the Company produced one AKO-series wheat bread improver which soon won recognition of bakers, and it was the product which the Company’s logo was adopted from.

The subsequent years featured a gradual extension of the product range which today contains the following groups of products:

  • Technological additives (improvers, dry leaven and bread darkeners).
  • Bakery mixes (multigrain blends, toppings and bakery concentrates).
  • Confectionery concentrates for cakes (concentrates of yeast-raised cakes, concentrates of fatty sponge cakes, concentrates of sponge cakes, gingerbread concentrate and puff pastry concentrate).
  • Confectionery concentrates for creams (cream concentrates, whipped cream stabilizers).
  • Ice cream concentrates (soft-type ice cream concentrates for automatic ice cream machines, hart-type ice cream concentrates “american” for automatic ice cream machines, bases for artisan ice cream).
  • Ice-drink concentrates (shake’s, granita).
  • Food concentrates (concentrates for snack’s, sauces and dips).